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The PDREC is a membership based organisation, and because we value the qualities that members may bring to an organisation their role is underpinned in our constitution. We currently have over 100 members and we are always looking for new people to join us. Membership is free, and is open to both individuals and organisations. Membership is subject to board approval. To become a member you need to be committed to equality for all and to oppose all forms of racism and discrimination.

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PDREC endeavours to provide volunteering opportunities for people who are committed to combating racism and discrimination and to equality for all. There are limited places for individuals to volunteer with us, at our offices or on the board of trustees, and there are annual events when we need specific help. If you would like to volunteer with PDREC please contact us and speak to one of our directors for an informal discussion.


The work we undertake supports black and minority ethnic individuals and families now living in Devon. Some of our clients have suffered extreme trauma, and we support some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people within our community. Racism and discrimination destroy self-confidence and self-esteem, and racial harassment affects many BME people. Racism takes many horrid forms, including verbal and physical attacks, and people who endure these experiences need a great deal of help and support.

 If we are to realise our vision - working with individuals, communities and strategically - while also providing the best possible support for people affected by racism, discrimination and prejudice, then we must continue to raise the necessary substantial income to meet the costs involved.


We are currently looking for experienced volunteer advocates, who are knowledgeable about race discrimination, to further develop our advocacy services in Devon. Experience in this field is essential as is knowledge of race legislation, along with a sensitive and empathetic approach.

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Plymouth Respect Festival 2018

We are very pleased to announce that Respect is back! The date for this Respect Festival is 14th July 2018. We are  returning to our roots at the Plymouth Guildhall; with world music, food and dance. Come and join us to celebrate 20 years of Respect in the City.

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