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Since 2004 PDREC has worked with Gypsies and Travellers, and other organisations in Devon, on many different Community Development Projects.
The projects aim to educate and inform the wider community about who Gypsies and Travellers are and the particular challenges they face, and to educate and inform Gypsies and Travellers about their rights and about the services available to them.

The pride; the prejudice (2008)

The pride, the prejudice is a 25 min film made with Romany Gypsies in Devon and funded by Awards for All. The film is aimed at secondary school students and aims to challenge widely held stereotypes of Gypsies. To date the film has been shown to nearly 2,000 students at schools, colleges and universities in Plymouth and Devon. It is also regularly used as a training resource by PDREC's Gypsy/Traveller training team and has been shown at several national events.


"the DVD is a credit to you as an organisation, and to all those involved." Charity director

"all the staff involved both this and last year can't speak more highly of the trainer and the session!" Secondary school teacher

"Thanks for yet another fantastic input. It was really great to have PDREC with us again and I have had great feedback from our students- many thanks!" University lecturer

"A very powerful lesson for our year 9 students" RE teacher

The pride, the prejudice is not available on general release; it is used only by PDREC as a training tool. If you would like to organise a training event or a school visit please contact Penny Dane at PDREC.

Porrajmos; the untold story of the Gypsy holocaust (2012)

This film was made in collaboration with Devon Learning and Development Partnership. In the film Sally Woodbury, a Romany Gypsy from the Southwest of England, travels to Auschwitz to find out what happened to Gypsy people during the Second World War. The film also looks at the language of hatred used about Gypsies in Nazi Germany, and draws attention to the language used about Gypsies in Britain today.


"This is one of the best documentaries for teenagers I have ever seen." Youth worker

"Have just watched the DVD and have concluded that every school in the UK should show it. I thought it was extremely well put together. It was obviously a hard watch but brilliantly done and incredibly moving." TV reporter

The film is designed for use in Secondary schools (year 9 and above) or as a training resource. It is available from PDREC. For more information please contact Penny Dane.

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