Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality

PDREC believes that to build a fair and just society everyone must have an equal chance to live, work and learn free from prejudice, discrimination and racism. It values diversity and works in partnership with individuals and organisations that are also committed to race equality.

Our mission statement is underpinned by the following set of values:

- We believe that racism and discrimination is abhorrent and has no place in our society; we will therefore take every available opportunity to combat these two evils.

- We will listen respectfully to our clients and enable them to communicate their concerns in an atmosphere of belief and compassion.

- We will work at all times in an ethos of confidentiality, sensitivity and respect for individuals and cultures.

- We will support our clients in their choices and endeavour to empower them to follow their chosen plan of action.

- We will give the BME communities in Devon opportunities to be heard and to express their views to service providers and policy makers.

- PDREC staff will offer a non-judgemental, empathetic approach to all of its clients.

- We will strive to become a centre of excellence for anti-racist initiatives and practice in the county of Devon.

- We will treat all of our clients and colleagues equally, regardless of race, faith, age, gender, sexual orientation or physical ability.

- We will work for social justice at every opportunity, highlighting racism or discrimination whenever we can and suggesting more appropriate ways forward.

- We will actively promote respect for difference within all of the communities of Devon.

- We will create opportunities to develop understanding and empathy between people of different backgrounds.

PDREC have signed up to Devon Joint Declaration for Equality, Equality Declaration PDF to acknowledge our commitment to achieving equality and fairness for all people in society, and our recognition of the importance and benefits of an equal society.

This declaration has been signed up to by a number of organisations across the County, and the associated Vision of Equality and Fairness mirrors our own vision and values, and we hope to be able to work in partnership to work towards achieving this:

People can achieve their own potential and a good quality of life.
Everyone can access services, facilities or information. Different needs are always taken into account.
There is public involvement and influence in decision making, planning, policy and service delivery. People are consulted and listened to through wide, fair and effective representation. There is a strong understanding of the diverse range of needs in Devon's communities, their make-up and changing nature.
Devon is a strong, safe and inclusive community. There are good relations between different communities. People are treated with dignity and respect at work, as customers, and in the community.
People have trust and confidence to report incidents of abuse or discrimination. Concerns are addressed.
Our workforce, at all levels, is supported and broadly reflects the diversity of the community. There is fair pay and employment practice, equal opportunities to progress and develop, and access to flexible working and family-friendly arrangements

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